This mystery we’re talking about definitely has something to do with sound and the magical role of sound.

Ayahuasca is a sort of different way of sectioning the DMT experience.

Because ayahuasca is orally active, unfolds over hours, is not as dramatic as DMT, but the people who use ayahuasca as a ritual on a weekly basis, what their practice consists of is they take this stuff and then they sing — they sing like crazy.

And then when they stop singing, and people light a smoke, and take a leak and so forth,0 and you’re listening to these conversations, you hear people say stuff about the shaman-like: ‘I like the part with the olive drab and the silver, but when it became magenta and moved toward orange I thought he was over the top.’

What kind of a criticism of a song is that???

The answer is: sound has become a visually beheld medium.


Terence McKenna (via alloftime)